Behavioral Health Services for Children and Teens

Juvo's behavioral health services help individuals embrace learning new skills in a positive environment that promotes current and long term independence.

Integrating Therapies in Different Environments

Improving social, communication, academic, and independent living skills in a positive environment for each child makes all the difference. Juvo’s integrated approach embeds behavioral health care into both comfortable and challenging spaces, which increases effectiveness and inclusion for optimal independence and growth.

Juvo empowers individuals to incorporate treatment into daily routines through behavioral services at home, at school and out in the community.

Juvo In-Home Behavioral Health Services


A familiar space can motivate and drive skill development with significant milestones.

Juvo Behavioral Health Services for Acamedic Settings


Support in an academic and social space can build communication and adaptive skills.

Juvo Values - Service


Juvo's centers provide a safe and inclusive space to reinforce positive changes.

Special Needs Camps for Kids


Children grow in our immersive camp experience with stimulating and nurturing activities.

Methods that Motivate Meaningful Milestones

Juvo’s behavioral service methods are customized to teach the skills that matter most to children and their families with the level of patience and understanding that's needed to makes a difference.

Early Intervention - Behavioral Health

Early Intervention

To support the growth and development of children in their first 3 years, early intervention treatments can help shape the cognitive and social development of toddlers.

Comprehensive ABA at Juvo

Comprehensive ABA

To improve overall skill development, Juvo may recommend a comprehensive approach with an ABA method that improves significant behavioral changes.

Juvo ABA Values - Stability

Focused ABA

To address specific skill delays with a defined goal, Juvo may recommend a focused ABA treatment plan that will improve gaps in learning and development.

Juvo Values - Compassionate


Individual, group, and family counseling for adults and children help support the discovery of meaningful coping skills to manage emotional stress in a supportive environment.

Get started with Juvo’s Behavioral Health Services

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