Ways to Create a Positive Environment at Home

July 17, 2020

Ways to Create a Positive Environment at Home 

Finding creative ways to foster a positive and encouraging environment at home can be challenging. A home with lots of praise and encouragement will positively affect our children’s motivation and influence their moods. It is very important to remember to praise our children.

With things changing in the world, we want our children to have positive attitudes towards learning and continue to build self-confidence. We want to remember to praise our children for what they should be doing and try to avoid telling them what they should not be doing. Here are some general positive praise tips we can be doing with our children every day.

General Tips For Creating A Positive Environment

  • Praise a child for their effort and the process they take when they attempt a difficult task.
    Be specific and descriptive in your praise—tell your children why you like what they are doing.
  • Be sincere when providing praise.
  • Provide rewards is our way of telling our children “well done” after they do something we like.
    Rewards can be activities, access to preferred toys, or anything they enjoy doing.
  • We want to praise our children more than we criticize. Following the 5 to 1 rule, 5 positive statements for every negative statement.
  • Let your children choose an activity that you will do together.

Tips for Younger Children

  • If your child is struggling with something, show them how
    to do it while providing lots of praise.
  • Vary the way you deliver praise to your child. Check out
    this link for 10 mindful phrases to praise your kids!
  • Children need a lot of encouragement! When you feel
    great about something your child has done let them know.
  • Catch our children being good and provide immediate and
    specific praise.
  • Praise your children for small things that they do.

Tips for Teenagers

  • Do not overdo the praise, many teenagers just want simple
    acknowledgment for doing a good job.
  • Give opportunity for independence and provide
    encouragement and support if they need help.
  • Provide praise along the process and not just the final goal.
  • Provide praise via letter, text message, sticky note, email,
  • Let your teens earn special privileges such as staying up late,
    getting a special dessert, or more screen time.
  • If your teen is struggling with something, ask them to do it
    with them.

Make The Most of Your Time at Home

With the help of the highly trained and certified staff here at Juvo, your child can still get all of the help they need from the comfort of your own home. Request a service today to learn more about our customized in-home behavioral health options.