Transitioning Back To School

September 30, 2020

School Help for Autism Children from Juvo Behavioral Health

As we prepare to return to distance learning we understand that this will be a transition for parents and children. Parents can continue using a schedule, but can slowly transition to their children’s new school schedule. Slowly easing into a new routine will allow everyone to adjust to any changes. Below are a few tips from our clinicians on how to successfully transition back to school.

  1. Create a new daily schedule – Create a morning and evening routine for times outside of scheduled school learning.
  2. Transition slowly to the new routine – Slowly make changes to everyone’s previous routine prior to the first day of school to allow a successful adjustment to their schedules. Everyone adjusts to a new schedule at different paces, it’s okay to take multiple days to transition to a new schedule.
  3. Define learning areas – Set up an area in your home that will be your child’s designated learning area—make sure it is comfortable and free from distractions.
  4. Make accommodations – If your child needs accommodations to focus, make sure they have tools available to them such as space to be able to be online and stand up at the same time.
  5. Practice using distance learning software – If possible, practice with your child using the software they will be using for distance learning. This can include, turning in assignments, sending videos, sending email etc.
  6. Set up new expectations – Set new ground rules for the school year such as when to wake up, when to go to sleep and how much screen time is allowed outside of school.
  7. Keep everyone updated – Keep children in the loop when changes are made.
  8. Schedule down time – Schedule time for leisure activities for your children. Reward them for having a good day.
  9. Relax – Take the time to relax! Its okay if everything does not get done in one day.
  10. Be Active – Remember to plan daily fun outside physical activities.

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