Social Distancing Events Idea

July 17, 2020

Social Distancing Event Ideas

Social Distancing Event Ideas

The Juvo team wants to make sure that everyone has the opportunity to celebrate life events and holidays together—we can help find creative ways to celebrate. While social distancing, there are a variety of ways to interact with your friends and family while remaining safe at the same time! Listed below are some activities that you can do to celebrate that special day.

Virtual Party Ideas

  • Video Conferencing — Have all your friends and
    family celebrate together by joining a video platform
    to sing share stories together.
  • Virtual Games — Download the app Houseparty and play virtual games with friends over video conferencing or play regular games such as charades, heads up, Pictionary, scavenger hunt, board games, etc.
  • Video Montage — Ask family members and friends to send videos then stitch them together for a walk down memory lane.
  • Virtual Movie Night — Have friends and family watch the same movie together using the app
    Netflix Party.
  • Gift Show And Tell — Have your family make gifts for someone and share them via video conferencing!
  • Virtual Dinner — Have all families prepare the same meal over video conferencing.
  • Virtual Tours — Take a virtual tour of a museum or Zoo.

In-Person Party Ideas

  • Bring The Party To Your Friends — Drop off or mail party gifts to your friends.
  • Send Invitations — Make invitations to your virtual party and mail them to your friends.
  • Create A Birthday Jar — Have friends and families send you an email of things they appreciate about the special person, and print everything and place them in a jar.
  • Have a YES day — Let the special person chose what to eat, what the family is going to do, what to watch, etc.
  • IOU Coupons — Make coupons to be celebrated on a later date.
  • Mini Party At Home — Decorate the house, have a dance party, make party foods.
  • Neighborhood Car Parade — Set up a car outside of people’s homes.
  • Birthday Lawn — Get your friends and family to decorate your lawn or front door.