Scheduling Services & Policies

June 9, 2020

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Here at Juvo, we make it our goal to provide the best support possible for individuals with autism and other behavioral health needs. We aim to be both agile and responsible through professionally designed programs and policies that keep the best interests of our clients and our staff in mind. Our scheduling, cancellation and sick policies are here to provide adaptable and dependable service that instills trust and provides well-rounded services and support for you and your family.

Scheduling Services

Juvo will work with each family to determine the best possible treatment schedule. Behavioral health services such as ours may involve a large number of service hours, which can present a challenge to schedule. We ask families to partner with us on scheduling so that the client’s services can be provided with consistency. Our responsibility is to offer you a full,  reasonable schedule that fulfills the number of hours recommended by the assessing clinician.

The hours will be offered during a time that does not conflict with school or other medically necessary services already scheduled. Sessions may be scheduled during anytime within the scheduling block that you agree to during your intake. 

Missed Appointments

Unfortunately, there is no way to control our day-to-day situation. We understand that things out of your control may occur, so we’ve developed cancellation and sick policies for such occasions. However, it’s important to understand that Juvo’s services are based on a medical model. The clinical recommendations made by our clinicians must meet criteria of a medical necessity. This means that the clinicians have deemed the number of hours recommended as necessary to significantly diminish the impact of the client’s diagnosis, to prevent significant deterioration in an important area of functioning, or to allow the client to progress developmentally.

Sometimes cancelling or missing an appointment can’t be helped. Sessions should be cancelled if the client is sick, according to the specifications in the Juvo “Sick Client Policy” (available in the Parent Policies Resource at the bottom of this page). We realize that therapy sessions are very important to your child. However, providing therapy sessions to a client who is not feeling well is not therapeutic. Because Juvo staff may serve multiple clients over the course of a day, it is important for families using our services to understand the importance of protecting our staff from exposure to infectious diseases or illness. Not only does this protect our staff from developing illness, it protects all clients and families using our services.

For non-illness related cancellations, we ask for at least 48 hours-notice for general conflicts and a month’s notice for planned vacations. We encourage families to bond and know that vacations are an important part of a child’s growth and social interaction. However, we also prioritize our client’s clinical therapy plan and our staff’s schedules. Lengthy or multiple family vacations may interfere with treatment plans and require changes in a client’s team. If a vacation lasts longer than two weeks, we will typically ask families to contact their clinicians to determine if/when we can resume services.

Rescheduling Appointments

If one or multiple sessions are cancelled by a family, we will do our best to schedule a make-up session. Most times, with enough notice, we can reschedule the appointment and/or identify another qualified employee as a substitute. Rescheduling or any other kind of request for a schedule change should only go to the Juvo Scheduling team. Your clinical team (Behavior Technicians and Clinicians) are not able to handle these requests since they do not have access to the client scheduling system. This system is what allows us to quickly assist you with rescheduling an appointment or provide other alternatives to ensure that we are delivering the maximum amount of care that has been recommended and authorized. 

Client progress depends upon consistent therapy. Juvo strives to provide all the hours deemed medically necessary by our clinicians as this will result in the greatest outcomes for our clients. We understand that treatment requires a significant level of commitment from the families that we work with and appreciate your understanding of our policies to ensure optimal care. View our full Parent Policies Resource below.

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