In-Home Therapy Team Roles

June 9, 2020

A woman smiles while helping two young girls play with colorful toy blocks during an in home therapy session.

Through Juvo’s in-home services, we select members of our highly trained and passionate team to facilitate a great experience in helping your child reach their fullest potential. We have a careful and selective vetting process for each role. In addition to meeting a variety of verifications (e.g., criminal background checks, required immunizations, verification of professional license/certification) all employees are held to a high level of standards.

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Juvo’s In-Home Therapy Services Team

Each of our employees has a specialized role designed to best serve your family, coordinate sessions and deliver therapy. In-home programs may consist of a two or three-tiered service delivery model based upon the funding source restrictions. A two-tiered model consists of a Behavior Technician and Clinical Director. A three-tiered model consists of a Behavior Technician, Program Supervisor, and Clinical Director. Also, a Regional Director will oversee all of the clinicians for your in-home behavioral therapy.

Behavior Technicians

First up, we have our coveted Behavior Technicians. They act as your direct service provider. This includes teaching the skill acquisition programs, implementing the behavior management procedures, and collecting the relevant data as written and instructed by the Program Supervisor and Clinical Director.

When joining Juvo, Behavior Technicians go through an intensive training program that consists of 40-hours of on-line training in ABA, role play days in the office, and field overlaps. Behavior Technicians are also trained in Safety Care, a crisis prevention program. Before graduating from new-hire training, Behavior Technicians must pass our internal competency assessment. All Behavior Technicians pursue certification as an RBT (Registered Behavior Technician). The RBT is a national credential that is governed by the Behavior Analysis Certification Board (BACB).

Program Supervisor

Next up is our Program Supervisor. They are responsible for supporting the implementation of programs to include training the Behavior Technician, supervising the collecting and graphing of data for each program, and conducting parent training. The Program Supervisor works directly under the supervision of the Clinical Director.

Our Program Supervisors typically hold a Bachelor’s Degree in applied behavior analysis, education, psychology or a related field. In addition, Program Supervisors must have a minimum of two years of related experience providing behavioral services. When joining Juvo, Program Supervisors go through an intensive clinician training program that consists of a combination of instruction, role play days, and field overlaps. Before completing onboarding, Program Supervisors must pass our internal Program Supervisor competency checklist.

Clinical Director

Another one of our coveted positions is Clinical Director. They are responsible for overseeing the client’s program. The Clinical Director utilizes the data collected by the Behavior Technician to assess the client’s progress and adjust programs and procedures accordingly. The Clinical Director is also responsible for making decisions regarding which goals should be targeted and how skills should be taught.

Clinical Directors hold a Master’s or Doctorate Degree in applied behavior analysis, education, or psychology. In addition, Clinical Directors must have a minimum of three years of related experience providing behavioral services, of which a minimum of one year was in a supervisory role. Clinical Directors must be a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) or Board Certified Behavior Analyst- Doctoral (BCBA-D) with current certification in good standing with the regulatory board. When joining Juvo, Clinical Directors go through an intensive clinician training program that consists of a combination of instruction, role play days, and field overlaps. Before completing onboarding, Clinical Directors must pass our internal Clinical Director competency checklist.

Regional Director

Last up, we have our Regional Directors. They are responsible for overseeing the clinical services provided in a particular region. The Regional Director directly supervises all of the clinicians in a particular region. Supervision activities include regular office meetings as well as overlaps in the field. Any concerns or questions that cannot be addressed by the Clinical Director should be brought to the Regional Director.

As you can see, each of our practitioners goes through an extensive vetting process rooted in ABA therapy, BACB certifications and trainings. Here at Juvo, we take pride in our staff, their dedication to their work, and their experience and knowledge. Your in-home team of exceptional and passionate Juvo members is just a click away. Learn more about our in-home services and connect with a Juvo team member today to get started! 

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