Family Fun and Helpful Home Tips

July 17, 2020

Helpful Home Tips

Family Fun and Helpful Home Tips 

While most children are at home and participating in distance learning, families can use this opportunity to teach skills during free time. These skills can range from improving communication to teaching independence.

While our children are learning their academics through distance learning, it is a great opportunity as parents/caregivers to teach important life skills while we are spending more time together at home. Below are four examples of skills that you can work on with your children.

Conflict Resolution

Learning how to communicate during conflict and taking the perspective of others will help promote more effective communication between family members. In your home promote using “I” statements. 

Household Improvement Projects

Taking on a new DIY project with your children will encourage teamwork while also allowing you to spend quality time with your children and teach them a skill that will benefit them later in life.

New Arts and Crafts – Play Dough 

Setting up arts and crafts activities can be fun for the entire family and can teach how to follow step by step directions. Making homemade playdough is an easy and interactive activity.

Try out this recipe for the best homemade playdough for you next family activity night! 

New Daily Living Skills

Take this opportunity to teach new chores but in a way, everyone can enjoy it! Making chores into games is a great way to introduce new chores! For example, make transferring clothing from the washer to dryer a race for older kids, provide additional rewards for completing new chores.

Find The Routine That Works For You

When it comes to addressing behavioral health, it’s not one size fits all. At Juvo, our highly trained professionals create a customized plan and routine based on the needs of each individual. To find out more about how to find the right service for your family, request a service today