Behavioral Therapies that Inspire Meaningful Change

Juvo’s evidence-based behavioral therapies stimulate and engage development and improved behaviors.

A Comprehensive and Personalized Approach

Juvo’s thorough behavioral therapies address challenges in cognitive learning, social, emotional, communication, motor, and adaptive skill development through compassion and patience.

  1. 1 Personalized treatment begins by assessing current skills and challenges unique to each individual.
  2. 2 Observation and evaluation guide the development of a behavior therapy rooted in measurable goals.
  3. 3 Behavioral services are provided by a certified clinical team at home, school, and a Juvo center or camp.
  4. 4 Progress is evaluated through on-going attention to evidence and data of the success during the behavioral therapy.
  5. 5 Treatment is adjusted as needed to reinforce new positive behaviors and help the individual reach their full potential.

ABA Therapy that Improves Quality of Life

Juvo’s behavioral therapy techniques are grounded in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), a discipline devoted to understanding and improving socially significant behavior and reaching goals that matter. Through the ABA method, we strive to improve gaps and skill delays like conversation skills and body language, or replace unwanted behaviors like aggression or extreme routine rigidity.

Comprehensive ABA

Comprehensive ABA

For overall behavioral changes, a comprehensive ABA method will incorporate an on-going therapy plan that focuses on maintaining progress and generalizing skill development across the board.

Focused ABA

Focused ABA

To address specific skill delays with a defined goal, Juvo uses a focused ABA behavioral therapy. This approach improves gaps in learning in a particular area through direct 1:1 teaching and/or parent training.

Start Early. See Progress.

The first three years of a child's life are formative in shaping cognitive and social development. Early intervention therapies help young children with developmental delays or challenges including:

Social Skills

Taking turns and separating from parents

Emotional Development

Facial expressions and adapting to changes

Communication Skills

Following instructions and identifying objects

Cognitive Learning

Playing make believe and completing puzzles

Motor Skills

Walking up stairs and independent eating with a spoon

Adaptive Skills

Getting dressed and cleaning up toys

Guidance and Support

Juvo approaches behavioral therapy treatment with an open heart and open mind with individual, group and family counseling.

Counseling services support clients through a process of listening and working together to manage emotional stress. Therapists will address interpersonal conflicts, depression, grief, anxiety and other life stressors with patience and compassion.

We provide a safe environment and supportive space to explore these difficult problems. Through this emotional and physiological discovery, we help individuals develop meaningful coping skills to handle every day stressors in a healthy manner that supports their well-being.

Learn about Juvo’s Behavioral Therapy Services at home, school, a local community center or camp.