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Juvo provides autism therapy and behavioral health services that support individuals with special needs, their families, and their surrounding communities.

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Our services decrease challenging behaviors and teach new skills across a variety of developmental domains: cognitive learning, social, emotional, communication, motor, and adaptive skill development. Juvo’s autism therapy and behavioral health services are grounded in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), a discipline devoted to understanding and improving socially significant behavior and reaching milestones that matter.

Individualized Therapies Created with Care

We motivate our clients to embrace learning by implementing therapy within their natural routines. We provide high quality, evidence-based, individualized support at home, in our centers, schools and in the community.

Comprehensive ABA

Comprehensive ABA

Comprehensive ABA is intensive treatment for the multiple affected developmental domains, such as cognitive, communicative, social, emotional, and adaptive functioning.

Focused ABA

Focused ABA

Focused ABA is designed to rapidly increase skills in a particular domain area through direct 1:1 teaching and/or parent training.

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A learning community and safe space for every child.

Making Space in Our Communities

Juvo is dedicated to creating opportunities for more families to benefit from the autism therapy and behavioral health services we offer at our centers. We are thrilled to be expanding our locations to bring more parents, children, and caregivers together with the resources and support that truly changes lives.